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iblu plastics recycling plant

Innovation and technologies

European policies are moving towards sustainable and innovative solutions aimed at increasing recycled quantities and decarbonisation. With our technological expertise and the strength of the Iren Group, we tackle complex challenges and turn them into opportunities.



In our sorting plants we recover more than 300,000 tonnes of plastic waste from separated waste collection every year, and we are the national leader in terms of volume and performance.



We upgrade post-consumer plastic, transforming it from a criticality to a quality resource through recycling.


Industrial symbiosis

We produce recycled raw materials that replace virgin raw materials and critical raw materials in industrial processes, reducing dependence on imports. 

Our plants

I.Blu's plants are where innovation happens. It is here that, thanks to the implementation of state-of-the-art technology, we recover more than 400,000 tonnes per year of post-consumer plastic packaging. 

San Giorgio di Nogaro

Costa di Rovigo

Cadelbosco Di Sopra

Borgaro Torinese




In October 2021, the new recycling line of the San Giorgio di Nogaro plant was inaugurated, alongside the sorting line that had already been in operation for many years. Through an innovative and integrated process, the mixed plastics are recovered and transformed into the new raw material Bluair®, the polymer used in the steel industry's reduction processes. A virtuous example of innovation and circular economy.

During 2022, the work for the expansion of the waste treatment plant has begun, which will enable the full exploitation of the site authorized capacity. This work is carried out also thanks to the PNRR funding that have been granted to the company.


Gruppo Iren - PNRR Plan


Production site surface area 30,000 m2

Authorised quantity whole site 165,000 tonnes/year

impianto san giorgio di nogaro
impianto san giorgio di nogaro


In 2009, the company's first recycling plant was integrated with sorting plants. Technologies for recycling mixed plastics and the production of Blupolymer® and Bluair® were developed here. The activity is mainly dedicated to the Blupoymer® granule.

Production site surface area 22,000 sqm

Recycling volumes Authorised quantity: 42.000 tonnes/year

Planned expansion to 60,000 tonnes/year

impianto costa di rovigo
impianto costa di rovigo


Since 2007, it has been one of the main Italian sorting plants for the P.R.O. system. Its location places it at the centre of a strategic basin among the main regions of central and northern Italy and represents a reference point for many waste collection operators within a densely urbanised and industrialised territory.

Production site surface area 15,000 sqm

Volumes selected/Quantities authorised: 110.000 tonnes/year

impianto castelbosco di sopra
impianto castelbosco di sopra


Started in 2023 by AMIAT, an Iren Group company, it represents the Group's most modern and structured sorting plant. In order to integrate activities and maximise performance, Amiat entrusted I.BLU with the operational management of the plant, thus strengthening the industrial sorting and recycling network of the entire Group.

Production site surface area 77,000 m2

Volumes selected/Quantities authorised: 100.000 tonnes/year

Under I.Blue management


impianto borgotaro torinese
impianto borgotaro torinese


It constitutes an integrated pole of circular economy, for the wood, sewage sludge, paper pulper and plastic waste treatment chains. I.Blu's plant is dedicated to the recovery of pulper and plastics for the production of BLUAIR®, BLUPOLYMER® and CSS.

Production site surface area 20,000 m2

Recycling volumes Authorised quantity: 90.000 tonnes/year

Under I.Blue management


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ASM Vercelli's Circular Wood is the most modern plant in Italy to produce logistic supports, pallets and pallet blocks, with wood that comes from separate waste collection: a zero-waste solution, which comes from recycling and produces 100% recyclable packaging.  The production process consists of seven lines and is based on a hot manufacturing procedure, making it unnecessary to introduce additional treatments to eliminate potential parasites or bacteria. High safety standards characterize all phases of the production process, and, thanks to the know-how acquired over years of experience, I.BLU manages the operational management of the plant.

Production site surface area 50,000 m2

Recycling volumes Authorised quantity: 110.000 tonnes/year

Under I.Blue management


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iblu plastics recycling plant