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Circular evolution

We are part of the Iren Group and have been developing solutions for sorting and recycling post-consumer plastic packaging for over thirty years, working with EPR systems. (COREPLA, CORIPET, CONIP). We deal with the recycling of mixed and multilayer plastics, operating with quality systems certified by international bodies.

We develop innovations for sustainability by giving new life to plastic waste by transforming it into new raw materials. Responsible use of resources, optimisation and efficiency of processes, reduction of pollutant emissions: I.Blu's know-how and Iren's leadership accelerate the transition and decarbonisation

Our numbers

In Europe, only 37% of the more than 15 million tonnes (source: Eurostat) of plastic packaging released for consumption is recycled. Our mission is to turn the tide by exploiting the potential of plastic waste in a circular perspective, and to develop new solutions and applications for its recycling.


300.000 tonnes 

Quantity of plastic packaging waste sent for sorting and recycling


500.000 tonnes 

Future production capacity to 2025



214.000 m2

Total production sites surface area

blupolymer polyolefin-based recycled granule

Our Products

We give new life to hard-to-recycle plastics by transforming them into new circular products, contributing to European recycling targets. With BLUPOLYMER®, BLUAIR® and BLU-C® we offer concrete solutions for the responsible use of raw materials, decarbonisation, reduction of pollutant emissions and optimisation of industrial processes.

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Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is a tool that defines the behavioural principles and the values of business ethics that Iren and its subsidiaries recognise, accept, share and apply, and the set of responsibilities that they, as well as their respective employees and collaborators, adopt in internal and external relations.

Certifications and Associations

Verifiable and transparent: our certifications guarantee the quality of our industrial processes and products. The associative participation that we pursue responds to the need to put experience and knowledge at the service of companies and organisations that share a common path of sustainability and responsibility.   



European certification that defines the recyclate content with the aim of recognising for companies that recycling processes are developed according to high standards, with a focus on traceability and product conformity, in accordance with EN 15434:2007. 

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Second Life Plastic

Environmental certification identifying products obtained by recycling post-consumer plastics and guaranteeing the quality and traceability of recycled materials.

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ISO 9001

International standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS).

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ISO 45001

Global international standard for occupational health and safety.

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ISO 14001

Reference standard for environmental management systems (EMS Environmental Management System) and is applicable to organisations of all sizes and sectors.

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