Circular evolution

We recycle packaging waste into new raw materials that replace virgin raw materials in industrial processes. 

blupolymer polyolefin-based recycled granule

Technologies for the future

We tackle complex challenges with innovative solutions and patented industrial processes.

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Industrial Symbiosis

We support the ecological transition of industries by increasing recycling and promoting decarbonisation.

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i.blu recycling plant

About us

Innovation at the service of industrial transition for sustainable development.

Together with the Iren Group, we respond to the need to increase recycled quantities and reduce the consumption of virgin fossil fuels and critical raw materials. With proprietary technologies we develop new products by recycling post-consumer plastics.

Activities and plants

In synergy with the Iren Group, we implement cutting-edge technological expertise to solve complex challenges such as the recycling of plastic waste and the decarbonisation of industrial processes. In our plants, plastic waste is transformed from an environmental problem into sustainable circular products.



In our sorting plants we recover more than 300,000 tonnes of plastic waste from separated waste collection every year, and we are the national leader in terms of volume and performance.



We upgrade post-consumer plastic, transforming it from a criticality to a quality resource through recycling.


Industrial symbiosis

We produce recycled raw materials that replace virgin raw materials and critical raw materials in industrial processes, reducing dependence on imports. 

i.blu recycling plant

blupolymer polyolefin-based recycled granule

Our Products

We give new life to hard-to-recycle plastics by transforming them into new circular products, contributing to European recycling targets. With BLUPOLYMER®, BLUAIR® and BLU-C® we offer concrete solutions for the responsible use of raw materials, decarbonisation, reduction of pollutant emissions and optimisation of industrial processes.

Useful resources

Documents, certifications, product sheets: explore and download our archive to get all the information you need to know and learn more about our work.